Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Windows Mobile - I'd forgotten how difficult it could be!

Picked up a cheapish Windows Smartphone on ebay to use at work as I want to sync it with Outlook. I want a password manager for it but have spent 2 hours failing to get one. I've trawled through dozens of sites, downloaded applications that said they were compatible with my phone but the phone disagreed, tried to download open source apps only to run up against the "please sign up so we can spam you for all eternity" scum-suckers, found pages that are sorry that they're temporarily unavailable "please come back later" and fought with the slow and unreliable (over Wi-Fi FFS!) Mobile Internet Explorer.

No success :-(

I have a password manager on my own mobile - Nokia, Symbian S60. I have one on the 10 year old Sony Ericsson T610 I have been using. Both free, both work, both downloaded and installed in minutes. I could have any number of suitable apps for iPhone/iTouch. Not, it seems for Windows Mobile Smartphone. Unless I want to shell out $$$ for something over the top that's not guaranteed to work anyway.

Roll on the day BT sees the light, embraces Open Source (instead of just talking about it) and kicks Outlook/Windows into touch. Then I can use a proper phone again. It'll never happen though :-(