Thursday, 21 October 2010

A little bit of history from 1982

In July 1982 the Viking Venture Scout Unit, part of 1st Lent Rise Scout Group went camping in North Yorkshire. A "log book" was created as a record of the expedition and this has sat gathering dust for 28 years. now with the power of modern technology it can see the light of day again (assuming anyone is interested!).

The log book is hand written and real photographic prints are glued to the pages - no personal computers or digital cameras back then and there are some pencil sketches I made at the time. I make no apologies for the juvenile humour, it was funny at the time.

For the record and for search engines the members of the expedition party were:
Pete Lewis
Bob Ward
Don Constance
Martin "Charlie Brown" Hunter
Dave Chamberlain
Chris Hill
Giles Blundell

Towards the end of the log there is an accounts page which includes the line "51 gallons of petrol - £86.04 (and a ha'penny)". Those truly were "the days" :-)

The log book can be viewed or downloaded in PDF format (assuming Google Docs behaves itself) by clicking the following link:

Viking 1982 Log Book (14MB)