Saturday, 5 September 2015

Gliding in the 1980s

Going through some old photographs - actual printed ones, on paper! Found a couple of pictures from a works gliding trip (work at the time being Maidenhead Telephone Exchange) some time in the mid 1980s. We all had to sign disclaimers before going up, just in case we ended up all dead. It was at Lasham Airfield, Hampshire one summer evening. The gliders were air towed up to 2000 feet before being released and flying back down to the airfield. Flight time was around 25 minutes but seemed shorter.

Pre-flight briefing
So this is me, about to take off. Once the seat cushion had been removed so that the canopy would close! Not very big the cockpit of your average wood and canvas glider. It did make for a slightly uncomfortable touchdown too.

Gliders should be bigger
It was a good experience though I think I prefer my aircraft with an engine or two.